Service for overseas suppliers Q&A

Questions & Answer


1.Do you accept Credit Cards?
No, we do not accept credit cards
2.Do you deal with foreign currencies?
Yes, we can accept major foreign currencies like US$, Euro and Sterling Pounds.
3.Do you accept Bank Checks?
No, we do not accept bank check.
4.What is your bank account info?
We only provide the bank once the purchase deal is confirmed.



1.What are the countries to, you export?
We can export to any country where there is a legal law to import Used vehicles from Japan.
2.When is the next ship to my port?
We have good relation with many shipping lines, please write to us to know the next ship available to your port.
3.What type of insurance you make while shipping?
We do not make any special insurance other than the one provided by the shipping company. If you need to insure you consignment with any special insurance policies, you need to talk to us in advance.
4.Why my country/port is not in the shipping list
There are countries where we don't export because of various reasons like driving side of the car is different, no ships available to the port etc.,


1.How can my company become a dealer to you?
We have exclusive and non-exclusive dealership programs. In order to qualify for these programs, we require advance deposit or history of good and trusted business relations.
2.Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?
No, we do not give any warranty for our vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan is rated by Auction Grade, and we expect our customers to select their choice based on this rating.
3.What is Auction Grade?
Auction Grade is a generic rating given by Japanese Used Vehicle Auctioneers, and they are: 3.0 = 3.5 = 4.0 = 4.5 = Good Condition 5.0 = Very Good Condition 5.5 = Excellent Condition
4.Why do you display the sold vehicles in the website?
We receive many inquiries from our visitors about the prices for variouse make and models. We think that by displaying some of the sold vehicles, will help our customers to have an idea about our prices
5.I don't have a fax machine. How can you send me the documents like invoices?
You can subscribe to a FREE "Fax to Email" service like eFax. Simply click HERE..and sing-up to get your free US fax number. Once you provide this fax number to us, we can fax your document and you will receive it by email as an attachment. These attachment file normally can be viewed and printed from eFax Viewer.
6.How can I create an account in your website?
create a new account and password

Country Specific

1.Where can we get OMIC Number to import vehicles to Kenya
Where can we get OMIC Number to import vehicles to Kenya
Following is the website you will find information and contact for Kenyan Imports. Click HERE.. to visit their site.Currently JAAI Inspection and certification is required for Exporting vehicles from Japan to Kenya. JAAI information also can be found at JAAI
Port of entry is Mombassa. Pre-export inspection required in Japan and Singapore, we arrange it for youYou can also get more information from Kenya Bureau of Standards at KEBS
2.Information for importing vehicles to Australia
Department of TRANSPORT AND REGIONAL SERVICES has a website that has lot of information about importing vehicles to Australia. Click HERE.. to visit their site.
3.Information for importing vehicles to New Zealand
Visit Land Transport Safety Authority - New Zealand
4.Information for importing vehicles to United Kingdom (UK)
Information related to importing vehicles to Great Briton can be found HERE..
5.Information for importing vehicles to South Africa
SOUTH AFRICA's port of entry is Durban. Dealers and Individuals can import Right Hand Driven vehicles.
6.Information for importing vehicles to Canada
Information related to importing vehicles to Canada from Japan can be found HERE..
7.Information for importing vehicles to Cyprus
Information related to importing vehicles to Canada from Japan can be found HERE..